What Surface Technologies Are Worth the R&D Expense?


The medical device industry is constantly examining new technologies to accomplish three primary goals: improve clinical outcomes, improve surgical techniques and lower expenses. Increasingly, the contract manufacturer drives innovation. Experienced surface technology providers are now faced with the difficult task of prioritizing these technologies. As patient populations change and potential complications become increasingly unacceptable, is it possible for surface technologies to improve? Surfaces designed to be more durable, assist with infection prevention, eliminate allergy concerns and offer improved bone growth are constantly under evaluation. Additive manufactured porous surfaces, plasma spray, bio-active nanostructures and anodized technologies all offer surgical teams great options to address clinical challenges. CMO teams must be able to design, manufacture and most importantly, offer new versions of these clinically valued products.

Lincotek Medical Booth #543
Speaker: Brandon Miller, Business Development Manager

Product Development, Executive Management
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In-Booth Presentation
Thursday, June 13, 2024
9:40 AM - 9:55 AM
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